Snake Removal Service


There are over 40 species of snakes in Georgia. Only six of these are venomous. They are the three types of rattlesnakes (diamond back, timber or canebrake and pigmy), cottonmouths or water moccasins, copperheads and coral snakes. All other types of snakes found in the state are virtually harmless to humans. The most common snake in Georgia associated with houses and other structures, is the Rat snake. There are several species of rat snakes, but the most common in the state are the black and gray.

Rat snakes like many other non-venomous snakes will vibrate their tail when agitated. When they do this in leaf litter or against a wall, most people instantly think RATTLESNAKE!

It is important to note that snakes exhibit extreme color variation. One specimen does not always look identical to the next of the same type. They also exhibit variation in patterns or markings. Be cautious around snakes and always give them a clear path to escape. DO NOT try to kill any snake you see in the yard! Going for the hoe would be your first mistake. This is the type of encounter that people are most often bit. Snakes play a vital role in controlling rodent and insect populations. Even venomous snakes are good for the environment and habitat that they dwell in. Try to enjoy the glimpse of a snake you get around your property, the chances are great that you will never see that snake again!

Control Methods: Inspection of structure and property. We hand collect any snake found on site. Habitat modification, exclusion and repellents are potential means to help with future problems.