Mole Removal Service


Eastern Moles are the most common in Georgia found in (or under) manicured lawns. These moles are roughly 5-7 in. in length. They have no external ears and tiny, insignificant eyes. Their large front feet are equipped with thick, sharp claws for digging. The fur is short and very soft, usually silver-gray in color. They have short stubby tails. Moles produce one litter each year in the spring. They have 2-5 young after about a five week gestation. The young leave the nest after about four weeks and stay with the mother for a short period. These animals are solitary for most of the year until breeding season.

Spending the majority of their life underground, moles have two different tunnel systems. They have feeding tunnels near the surface, and lower tunnels that range from roughly 5 ?” to 24 ?” deep. The lower tunnels are permanent and used for nesting and moving from one feeding area to another.

Control Methods: There are many products on the market designed to solve mole problems. Most of them provide little to no results. Trapping is the most effective method to solve a mole problem.