These are the most common squirrels people see in the yard or around the bird feeder in Georgia. They are primarily diurnal (active by day). Gray squirrels mate in spring or fall. They can have two litters per year. They have 2-6 young per litter, averaging 2-3. The young are born altricial (not capable of fending for themselves) and usually stay with the mother for about 20 weeks. Gray squirrels live for an average of five to six years.

Squirrels can be pests when they take over birdfeeders, ruin garden vegetables, eat pecan crops and nest in attics. This type of squirrel is the most common pest animal we control through fall and winter. Many people find the sound of squirrels running across the attic to be haunting. They can cause structural damage by chewing entries, damage stored goods in the attic and cause fire hazard by chewing on electrical wires.

Control Methods: Inspection to identify all possible entries, trapping and exclusion to prevent future problems.